Ban Mesh In Canada

Welcome to the Ban Mesh In Canada page. Hopefully you have found this page before you’ve had any sort of mesh surgery. If you have been considering a mesh surgery, I encourage you to reconsider. The risks of mesh far out weigh the benefits.

I personally have had an American Medical Systems (AMS) Transvaginal Mesh Bladder Incontinence Sling implanted at the same time as having a hysterectomy by Dr. Sean Deacon, a gynecologist and surgeon in Chilliwack, B.C., Canada. Dr. Deacon assured me it was a safe procedure with little risk and that the device is considered the “Gold Standard”. Unfortunately, Dr. Deacon neglected to inform me of the WARNING issued by HEALTH CANADA about the implants. This, however, is standard operating procedure, no pun intended. Many women who are arranging a hysterectomy are sold on mesh implantation by their doctors and surgeons.

Unfortunately, I did not use the right key words or perform enough research about the complications, trusting Dr. Deacon, and now I am paying the price, as are thousands of women across the globe.

I suffer from horrible pain in my entire abdomen. I am being stabbed in my stomach by the mesh, I am being tortured by the anchors they implant in your stomach wall, I feel as if I have glass in my vagina. This is making it all very difficult to walk, sit, lift, bend,  or move in general. Sex is completely out of the question. As I can no longer work, I’ve had to go to public assistance and am awaiting for my Alberta disability application to be processed.


Do you realize this very same scenario is playing out all across Canada right now, and has been for years. It’s a GLOBAL travesty. So what can one do about this situation? Well, you have to find an understanding doctor who will work with you towards a complete removal of the mesh. The MESH needs to be removed, as well as the ANCHORS and ARMS that help hold the mesh in place. If these are not removed, they will dislodge over time, causing incredible injury to your intestines, bladder, bowel, etc..

Please note: each time you are opened up during surgery, you risk puncturing an organ. The removal process is not easy and can easily disable you for life. This is why you have to be adamant about the COMPLETE removal of the mesh, anchors and arms. 

Next, file a MEDICAL DEVICE CONSUMER COMPLAINT with HEALTH CANADA or whichever entity overseas your particular country. The link to the electronic form is located right here, simply click and fill out form. Just do it, ladies!! It is the only way we can ensure that other women will not have to endure being a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical industry.

While many women have had the mesh implanted and are in pain, so few actually report the issues they have. This has resulted in only a WARNING being issued by Health Canada and not a COMPLETE recall. We all need to REPORT, REPORT, REPORT.